17. März 2015 11 Von Gen

Für die diesjährige „The Hive-Conference“ möchten wir 40 Fakten über uns selber loswerden und somit schonmal vorab einen Eindruck von allen Teilnehmern erhalten, die wir dort antreffen werden.
Da es eine internationale Begegnung ist werde ich diese auf englisch schreiben nur damit mich auch alle verstehen 🙂
In april I am heading to Berlin to my second The Hive blogging conference with Ellen and Nina .That will be fun!!
Here are #40facts4thehive about me.

1. My Hubby and i had 10th Anniversary this year 

2. i become a mother 6 years ago the 1st Time

3. i become a mother 3 years ago second time 

4. I have completed an apprenticeship as a Design Assistant in graphic design 

5. I have completed an apprenticeship as hair & make up artist 

6. I am working for 10 years as Tattooist (Damn, I have this year seriously an anniversary) 

7. I have started a small label called MyUniqueKid during my parental leave.

8. I have smoked 7 years of my life . (Cant Understand it today ) 

9. I was 7 years in gymnastics club and participated in competitions  

10. I am a small gardener with a pink disney arbor

11. I have an annual pass to Disneyland Paris 🙂 since 7 years 

12. I am Camper. 

13. I hate cold  Toilet seats . 

14. I have fear of flying 

15. I do not use drill, nail and glue is enough for me. 

16. I was married once before

17. I’m not resentful. 

18. Since the kids I’m forgetful  

19. Before the kids I was always 10 minutes early ,today i’m 30 too late. 

20. I am addicted to Flamingos 

21. I try to eat low carb.
22. I love Apple Products 

23. I love it colorful 

24. I always think positive 

25. I want to use everyday 

26. I’m a Coffee junkie 

27. and a Pasta junkie 

28. i have 2 sisters and a brother , i’m The oldest.

29. i had a rabbit who was called Phillip Goofy Gramlin , when i was 16.

30. i try everything i want , the most was successful 

31. I always searched for my Christmas presents before Christmas eve , and i always found them.

32. i have fear of dogs (big dogs)

33. i hate artichokes

34. every weekend we have a bun-bring-service 

35. Once i had plans to emigrate so my blog is called „lovingVegas“

36. i married my husband twice (@ 5th Anniversary)

37. i wear glasses since 20 years

38. when i was 14 i believed that one Birthday i turned into a good witch like „Sabrina“

39. I find good witches and Harry Potter Movies fascinating

40. I hate Crime and Horror Movies 

OMG i spend 2 Hours for that Post :/ 

Have fun with my 40 facts! 

Yours GEN